Real estate secured business loan

Want to grow your business? Then a real estate secured business loan will create more opportunities for you!

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Real estate secured business loan

Audience of loan issuance
Individual entrepreneurs and legal persons
Applicant citizenship
Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan
The method of issuing a loan

Cash, Non-cash

Loan assignment
Minimum loan amount 10 000
Maximum loan amount Considered individually
Annual interest rate
Starting from 4% (USD starting from 8%)
Credit term Min. 3 months - max. 36 months
Grace period Minimum 3 months
Cost of services1%
Payment typeAnnuity or free schedule
CollateralReal estate in the name of the client and his first-degree relative
Age limitMinimum - 25 years, maximum 65 years (until the end of the loan agreement)

1. Any real estate registered in the territory of Azerbaijan can participate as collateral (except for villages in the regions)

2. In special cases, the Bank has the right to request additional documents from the guarantor.

3. The loan amount and all accrued interest should not exceed 70% of the market value of the mortgaged real estate

Required documents

1. Borrower's identity

2. Document confirming the borrower's income

3. Document confirming the ownership of the mortgaged property (extract)

4. Form 1

5. Form 2

6. Notarized copy of marriage certificate. If single, a certificate of celibacy

7. Notarized consent of the mortgagor and his spouse to pledge the property

8. Notarization of the mortgage agreement

9. Copies of identity cards and notarized consent of persons registered in the pledged property  

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