Child savings deposit

Invest in your child's future today!

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Child savings deposit

Minimum amount 100 AZN or equivalent
Currency AZN / USD
Annual interest rate

AZN - 9%

USD - 2.5%

Deposit term
36 months
Partial withdrawals
Not allowed
Increasing funds
Possibly within the first 30 months
Interest accrual
Accrued interest is capitalized once a year by adding to the principal amount
Interest payment
At the end of the period
Accrual of interest in case of early termination of the contract
For the completed year, half of the accrued interest is paid, for an incomplete year up to 6 months - 1%, after 6 months - 2%
Contract extension
If the deposit is not returned after the expiration of the term of the deposit, the contract with the depositor is extended for the next period in accordance with the interest terms provided by the Bank on that date (until the child reaches the age of 18)
The deposit can be extended until the child reaches the age of 18 years
Deposit calculator

Your deposit up to AZN 100,000 is fully insured by the Deposit Insurance Fund.

At the end of months
Total amount