Muğanbank - “AniPay”

The AniPay Instant Payment System, created by the Central Bank for the first time in the country on the basis of the principles of "Open Banking", has functions for remote registration, deletion of customers and their bank accounts, obtaining balance information and conducting operations.

Muganbank is also connected to the payment system. Thus, this system expands the opportunities for customers to use banking services remotely and quickly. By using this system, individuals will be able to speed up account transactions 24/7/365 (AniPay transfer) and perform transactions on all accounts (including plastic card accounts). 

No commission is charged from individuals (except for individual entrepreneurs) for the use of AniPay services. Besides, customers will be able to increase financial flows by receiving payments instantly. 

This system will increase the efficiency of digital banking services. It will push the development of digital payment solutions over accounts by expanding remote customer service capabilities and ranges.

Customers can make payments instantly by downloading the mobile application "AniPay" (Android: və IOS: