Mugan Junior

Muganbank has introduced a new card called Mugan Junior. At a time when everything is rapidly digitalizing and changing, smart people, especially young people, and teenagers are creating new demands. One of the main goals of Muganbank is to be useful to society within its corporate social policy, as well as to increase non-cash transactions. Therefore, Mugan Junior cards are provided FREE of charge. In addition, the Mugan Junior card will help teens to demonstrate independence, learn the basics of financial literacy and money management.

Mugan Junior is issued as an additional card to the parent's bank account, and all card transactions are carried out on the customer's bank account. The card can be obtained by visiting any branch of our bank by presenting the parent's and child's ID card or birth certificate. The cards are made in two different designs in a modern style and will feature children's names.

The Mugan Junior card can be used for online/offline shopping. However, for security reasons, the bank has imposed restrictions on certain payments and limits.

Up to 5% annual income is calculated on the balance amount in order to promote and encourage children to manage savings, expenses, and income properly.