First time in the country, the AniPay instant payment system, created by the Central Bank, based on the principles of "Open Banking", has the function of remote registration of bank accounts, obtaining information on balances and transactions.

"Muganbank" OJSC also joined the specified payment system. Thus, this system expands the possibilities of remote and quick access of clients to banking services. Using this system, individuals will be able to speed up account transactions (AniPay money transfer), as well as perform transactions on all accounts (including plastic card accounts) 24/7/365.

There is no commission for using the services of the IPS system (excluding individual entrepreneurs). In addition, customers by accepting payments will instantly be able to strengthen their financial flows.

The instant payment system will increase the efficiency of digital banking services, as well as expand the range of opportunities and services for customers through remote servicing and will stimulate the development of digital payment transactions through accounts.

Customers can make payments instantly by downloading the IPS mobile application "AniPay".