About Bank - Shares

Type of investment securities Ordinary shares
State registration number AZ 1001005466
Nominal value 200 (two hundred) manat

Rights to shares:

To participate in the management of the bank, to be elected and to be elected to the governing bodies in accordance with the legislation and regulations of the bank;

Receive dividends from the net profit of the bank;

To obtain a certain part of the Bank's real estate remaining after payment of creditors ' claims, accrued and unpaid dividends, as well as the liquidation value of preferred shares, in case of termination of the bank's activities;

Participate in the General Meeting of shareholders of the bank with the right to vote and request a copy of its protocol;

To exercise other rights provided for by law and by the Charter of the bank.

Obligations of the issuer to the owners of shares:

The issuer is obliged to ensure the execution of the rights of the owners of shares determined by shares.